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Reviews for Springs Cleaning Company


Local Colorado Springs Realtor, Anthony Petti, with Keller Williams highly recommends Springs Cleaning Company for all of his listings and clients!


Jina from Peyton, CO loves having Springs Cleaning Company come and do regular housekeeping services, so that she can focus more on her family and business.

Carolyn from Colorado Springs recommends Mariya and Springs Cleaning Company after doing a “superb” job with her whole house cleaning.

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Our Services

Residential Cleaning Services

Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance house cleaning, monthly deep-cleanings, or a one time cleaning service, we can help. Springs Cleaning Company specializes in residential cleaning services in Colorado Springs, CO, and our expertly trained staff is ready to clean what you don’t want to clean! We are thorough, detailed, and precise in everything that we do, whether that means wiping down counter tops or scrubbing bathrooms. We take pride in what we do, so that you can enjoy a beautiful, clean home with your friends and family.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Having a clean office environment is a great way to show your clients that you care about the space where you conduct your business. Springs Cleaning Company offers commercial cleaning and office cleaning services to businesses in El Paso County and beyond. Our team will ensure your trash bins are emptied, dust is removed, and your carpets are vacuumed, along with many other maintenance services that will keep your office gleaming. Regular commercial office cleaning will allow you to focus on what is most important: your business. We will take care of your office the same way you want to take care of your customers.

Other Services

We understand that life is full of responsibilities and finding time to deep clean or keeping up with regular weekly cleanings can be challenging. We can partner with you for regular house cleaning maintenance, so that your home can stay clean and new without ever having to worry about dust and grime. House cleaning services can range from dusting, wiping, bathroom cleaning, kitchen appliance cleaning, window washing, mopping, vacuuming, baseboard cleaning, and more. Springs Cleaning Company works with you to not only set up a cleaning schedule that fits with your life, but with the services that you want and need.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, or have rental properties with a tenant change occurring, we can provide move in and move out cleaning services. We will thoroughly clean all rooms from baseboard to ceiling. Our goal is to turn the space into a fresh and clean environment for you or the next family to call it home.  We can provide move in and move out services for homes, apartments, and commercial office spaces. Move in and move out cleaning is a great way to ease the turnover of your property. While you are completing paperwork, packing, and preparing- let us handle the cleaning.

Springs Cleaning Company offers kitchen and bathroom cleaning services for residential homes in Colorado Springs. This can be a part of a regular maintenance schedule or a thorough deep-clean for a move-out or move-in.

For your kitchen, we can wipe all surfaces, clean counter-tops and backsplash, clean microwave, clean kitchen appliances like your stovetop or oven, wipe down cabinets, clean table and chairs, empty trash, and clean and mop the floor.

For bathroom cleaning, we can wipe all surfaces, clean toilets inside and out, including the base and behind, clean showers, shower heads, bathroom fixtures, tubs, and shower doors, wipe down mirrors, empty trash, and clean and mop the floor.

Having your environment deep cleaned is the way to fight dirt and dust in the crevices that you may not see day to day. These areas that will collect dust and dirt include the side of appliances, on top of fan blades, inside light fixtures, on top of cabinets, baseboards, and many other places in your home or office. Our team at Springs Cleaning Company is ready to tackle these difficult to clean spaces which will bring you that extra comfort that your home or office is at its best.  Our deep cleaning services can be tailored to the specific needs of your home.

Springs Cleaning Company offers commercial office cleaning to businesses in Colorado Springs, so that you can focus on what matters most: the day-to-day operations of your company. Our services can include, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors, office, kitchen, conference room, and breakroom cleaning, as well as maintenance items like emptying trash, dusting, and window cleaning. Whether you own a large commercial building with multiple employees and spaces, or a small businesses with a brick-and-mortar location, we can provide our services no matter the size.

Our detail-oriented services go beyond regular residential cleaning. We also provide post remodel clean up services for new build homes, home renovation and remodeling, or small commercial projects. We come in after contractors, builders, and designers to pick up after the construction and make sure the home is ready to go. We vacuum, sweep and mop floors, wipe down and dust windows, blinds and other surfaces.

Do you own a property management company? We provide comprehensive and thorough cleaning services for rentals in El Paso County. In between tenants, Springs Cleaning Company can come through the home and prepare it for its new renters. We can clean the entire space, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, laundry rooms, and basements.

We are proud to be highly recommended by real estate agents in Colorado Springs as a cleaning company for their listings. When a home is getting ready for a sale, a showing, or a staging, the cleanliness and details of the home can make or break a deal. Our close attention to detail and appreciation for the real estate industry makes us a quality home cleaner. Whether you need a whole house clean or detail cleaning like baseboards, windows and mirrors, we can set a strategy that will make your property shine.


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